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Geologic and Engineering Software

Software links are here for geologic and engineering applications.   Geologic Resources is striving to make access to scientific software easier for geoprofessionals.   To-date we are resellers for Golden Software, Inc. who have developed excellent programs for contouring,  graphing, logging, mapping, and digitizing data.   We are also an associate of with an online software store with an extensive selection.   We plan to have additional software resources available at this site in the near future.   For suggestions on "getting it done", click here.   Please check out the following software sources:

  Software for Geoscientists and Engineers

     Selected Software Links

  • surfit - Free gridding/contouring software.
  • SurGe - Gridding and mapping software.
  • 3DField - Contouring surface plotting and 3D data program that runs under MS Windows.
  • GIS Mapping Software - Providing GIS software, data and services for less, enabling including many of the more popular mapping and data products people search for every day.
  • MicroSurvey - Software for land surveyors, construction professionals and civil engineers using total stations, GPS, and data collectors.
  • M-Tech Software - Geo-Environmental software.
  • RockWare - Earth sciences software.
  • GAEA Technologies - Software for geoscientists and engineers.
  • geo & soft international - Geoscience and environmental engineering software.
  • Scientific Software Group - Groundwater, surface-water, air quality, bioremediation, geology, and other environmental software.
  • Hearne Scientific Software - Analytical software relevant to scientists, engineers and analysts.
  • DataSurge - Geotechnical and Hydrogeologic software products.
  • ImageWave®  - This environmental health and safety software that provides MSDS Management (MSDSFinder®), Environmental Reporting (including SARA 313 and TIER II), Container Labeling, MSDS Authoring, MSDS Scanning/Updating Service and more.

       Aquifer Test Links

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