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Payment Information

We are concerned about security on the internet.   Our credit account processor is Verisign, a division of PayPal, Inc., a company that has built a reputation on security.   PayPal merchant services processes Visa and MasterCard transactions for Geologic Resources.   We transmit credit account information directly to their secure site.   Verisign performs the role of merchant account facilitator for accepting Visa and Mastercard payments and, when necessary, for making refunds to Visa and MasterCard accounts.

In the interest of convenience and security, Geologic Resources accepts payments  from customers either directly via the secure PayPal system or using their Visa and MasterCard accounts.  

Information Transmission 

Payment information may be transmitted to us by facsimile (FAX), telephone, currier, mail, or directly by the secure PayPal system.   It is your choice.   Use the method that you feel is most secure.   

We do not have a regular telephone reception service.   Therefore, if you call and we can't answer your call, please leave a message.   We will call you back as soon as possible.

Questions or Comments

Questions or comments regarding this statement should be directed to the Geologic Resources site coordinator by emailing or writing to us at the following address:

Geologic Resources
21 Pointe Rok Drive
Worcester, MA 01604

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