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Geologic Resources has created this privacy policy to assure all site visitors that this site does not practice information dissemination for the Web site,    Geologic Resources is the sole owner of the information it gathers on its site.  


Information collected from site visitors for the purpose of purchasing resources that we furnish is kept confidential and is only used for the purpose of accepting payment and shipping purchased goods.  This information includes shipping addresses, credit card information, bank information, and email addresses.   None of this information is used for any other purpose or sold or otherwise transmitted to other parties.   We do not collect information about site visitors that do not make purchases.   

Mailing List

We do maintain a fully voluntary mailing list for interested parties.   Our mailing list is not sold or otherwise made available to third parties.

Jobs and Networking Information

We also collect on a fully voluntary basis, information from persons and organizations that are interested in networking, seeking jobs, or seeking candidates for job openings.   This information is used on designated pages on the Geologic Resources web site in the Jobs and Networking areas and is not sold or otherwise made available to third parties.

Feedback Form

Information received from visitors that post on our feedback form is used to improve aspects of our website.   The information is kept confidential and is never released to other parties.

Questions or Comments

Questions or comments regarding this statement should be directed to the Geologic Resources site coordinator by emailing or writing to us at the following address:

Geologic Resources
21 Pointe Rok Drive
Worcester, MA 01604

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