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Mining & Petroleum Exploration and Development  


Email Address/Location
Michael R.Cartwright/Mineral Business Appraisal
Reno, NV, USA
Mining, Geology, Valuation
Skip Honeyman/D. L. Goins & Associates, Inc.
Tulsa, OK
Engineering and geological consulting services for the petroleum industry, providing confidential professional services to the industry digital database management and mapping.
Robert C. Johnson/Pearson, deRidder & Johnson, Inc.
Denver, Colorado, USA
Mining & Petroleum Exploration; Detailed drone-mounted aeromag surveys
Chuck Walton, P.G./C.G.Walton Cons. Geologist
Marble, PA
Environmental Compliance, Hydrogeology, Mining Valuations & Permitting
Carl A. "Tony" Kuehn/IMDEX/Cascabel
Tuscon, AZ and Hermosillo, Sonora, MX
Exploration, Land Research, Permitting, Property Acquisition Opportunities.   WEBSITE: - Specialists in Mexico
David C. Fitch/
Independent Consulting
Reno, NV 89570 USA


geologic research target generation regional grass-roots reconnaissance prospecting and sampling mining property evaluation exploration program management expert advice for drilling projects on producing properties. Also included are regional geologic orientation tours of selected mines throughout a country.
Hussein Kaddoura/
Capital Engineering
901, 10050-112 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2J1
Capital Engineering is an engineering firm based in Edmonton, Alberta and we specialize in the engineering of oil & gas, mining and utilities project.Our main expertise is the consulting, engineering and design of such projects.   Also, we are working on several minor projects involving extraction, upgrading,refining, pipelines..etc.
Charles E. Barker, Ph.D. Independent Consulting Geologist, Coal Ltd.
(Posted 11-4-08)
Denver Office:
582 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80209
Cell: (303) 887-6848
Interests:  Coalbed methane exploration and evaluation. Also fluent in Basin analysis, sedimentary rock geothermometry, and source rock geochemistry.  Experience in Afghanistan, Armenia, Australia, Colombia, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary Italy as well as Western US, US Gulf Coast and Alaska. 


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