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Individual Geoscientists, Engineers, and Other Related Professionals 


Email Address/Location
John T. McRae/GME Consulting Services   or
Dallas, Texas, USA
Environmental and Geotechnical Projects; mineralogy, metallurgy and other natural resources; Music and the Arts
Frank Karboski, Geologist M.Sc. Offering environmental and engineering geology  services to professional service firms on an as-needed, noncompetitive basis.   In business since 1986.  Project support in or out of state.  Please contact me via E-mail or phone (315) 245-0786.
Don Padgett
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Water supply development, hydrocarbon recovery/aquifer remediation, basin-scale groundwater flow.   If you work with unusual temperature or salinity conditions then maybe one of us has the answers to the other's problem.
Emery Bayley/Contractors Documentation Services
Bellevue, WA
Downsized geological professional who would like to commiserate with similarly situated individuals for networking, career ideas, job hunting, etc.   Interests include mineral Exploration, Remediation Project Management, USTs.  
Wade Hodges/Gold Canyon Resources, Inc., Springpole Lake Gold Project wahodges@aol
Carson City, NV
Exploration Geologist dedicated to the search for gold using features of practical exploration significance - and a smile!.
Seddik ADDOUM/Geologist & Hydrogeologist Boulogne, PARIS Research, exploitation & protection of groundwater in arid countries.   Principle aim:  to offer my service and experience in dry areas.  Worldwide experience.
Pablo Luchetti VIRGINIA Hydrogeology, environmental mineralogy, mining, oil & gas, planetary geology. Latin America I would like to gather some advice, ideas, suggestions, to start a small environmental consulting firm in the USA and expand to Latin America. I speak Spanish/English/Portuguese (written & verbal).   I am looking to gather suggestions.


Hydrogeology--applied geology-mining--cartography.   Groundwater--civil engineering-drilling.    In conformity with my skills & experience, I'm aiming to offer my services to any entities intervening in semi-arid and arid countries. Mobile, available, quadrilingual and motivated... 20 years worldwide/ engineering, management & teaching.
Ken Richard>
North Carolina & Florida
Product Recovery Management.   Manufacture Remediation Equipment.
Dr.M.Ramesh M.Sc., Ph.D.
Geologist/lecturer in the related field
Oderson A. de Souza Filho, Geological Survey of Brazil
Fortaleza Office, Brazil
Hydrogeology Management Geological Survey of Brazil.   Telephone:   +55-85-265.1288,  FAX:   +55-85-265.2212
Peter Gringinger


Professional interests include:  Contaminated Sites investigations & remediation, groundwater resources evaluation & development, environmental risk assessment and management.  Telephone:  +64-9-625 4913
Simon Maingi
Posted 7-11-03
Hydrogeologist-Groundwater survey and Borehole Drilling
Warham Stejer
Posted 9-30-03
California, USA
Registered Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist, and Certified Hydrogeologist in California and Washington with 20 years of professional experience as a consultant in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, environmental engineering, hydrogeology, and natural resources management and restoration. Extensive background As a senior project manager technically and administratively marketing, managing, and supporting commercial, residential, and municipal development projects for public and private sector clients in California. Phone/Fax (408) 433-9404
Evan Anderman
Posted 1-29-04
Colorado, USA
Ground-water flow and transport modeling, parameter estimation and quantifiable risk management, hydrogeologic system conceptualization, training, data consolidation. 303-839-5013 ext. 119/110


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