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    Engineering and geoscience fieldwork:

How does it get done?   Here, based on experience gained over the years, we present some of our suggestions relative to getting the day-to-day work done for typical work activities of practicing geoscientists, engineers, and related professionals.   In the spirit of constructive networking, we welcome feedback from you relative to resources, methods, and sources of information.




Heron water level and oil/water interface meters, and dataloggers.






Books and Publications Links




What do we need to help us to get it done?   The tools of the trade that we use depend on the work at hand.   We are often involved with groundwater studies of one kind or another.  Geologic Resources, for example, uses and sells (at a good discount) water level and oil/water interface meters by Heron Instruments, Inc.    These instruments are manufactured of the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand much use and varying environmental conditions.   We also sell their affordable single-channel data logger.

In addition, we are resellers of Golden and Breeze scientific software.   We have found Golden's Surfer program to be very helpful for preparing contour maps of all kinds (e.g. groundwater elevation maps).   Other Golden software programs include Grapher, Didger, Strater, and MapViewer to perform graphing, digitizing, logging, plotting, and mapping.   Links to all kinds of other helpful geoscience/engineering software can be found on our Internet Software Resources Page.

Other tools of the trade including maps, books and publications, field equipment, computer accessories, GPS equipment, and miscellaneous scientific equipment can be found on our Resources Page.    More field equipment equipment suggestions can be found on our Field Instrumentation and Equipment Pages.



Geologic Resources Travel Links


Geologic Resources Remediation Related Links



There are those times when we have to get there to get it done!   For those who have projects, conferences, or organization meetings to travel to we have collected some helpful Travel Links.   For much of our travel reservations we have found Expedia to be most helpful for saving both time and money.   We are an affiliate of Expedia.

Remediation Related

Many of us are involved with site remediation.   For some helpful remediation equipment and supplies information, go to our Remediation Related Links Page.


Geologic Resources Networking Page




Geologic Resources Jobs Page



Geologic Resources Financial Links



Lets communicate with each other!   In our professional lives it is often very productive to network with others in the same specialty, or possibly other specialties....     whether you are involved with a project, research....   or even for job hunting.    Check out our Networking Page.


Job hunting is another form of networking.   To assist geoscientists, engineers, and related professionals in this specialized form of networking we have compiled a number of helpful links and have also started job seeker and employer databases to assist you in your search.   Check out our Jobs Page.  

Financial Stuff

We may love our work, but it usually has to result in a financial gain, be cost-effective, and come in under budget.    Our site contains a number of financial links that we have found to be helpful and may be helpful to you as well.   The links, for example,  include online banks (some actually pay interest), investment sites, bank rate infoCD rates, financial aid for college, and mutual fund links.



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