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Conductivity Plus Water Level and Temperature Meter
by Heron Instruments, Inc.

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The Heron Conductivity Plus Water Level and Temperature meter enables accurate measurements of conductivity, water level, and temperature in wells, boreholes, and open bodies of water.   The Conductivity Plus can be used to profile conductivity and temperature to depths of 1,000 feet (300 m).

Conductivity (or Specific Conductance) is an excellent property of groundwater for the characterization of degree of mineralization and can be used to delineate landfill leachate, salt water intrusion, and highly mineralized waters associated with carbonate aquifers.

Tape:   Unlike other similar units on the market, the Conductivity Plus has a measuring tape with a high tensile strength steel core, tested for stretch resistance to ASME standards.   Two seven strand stainless steel conductors add to the strength of the tape.   The measuring scale is printed on the inner core which is then jacketed in medium density polyethylene ensuring lasting legibility and a long tape life.   The tape graduations are in decimal feet with markings at each 1/100 foot or with metric markings each millimeter.

Probe:  The Conductivity Plus probe uses a four electrode system made up of two arrays of a single electrode within a concentric electrode.   Each array reverses its polarity 1,000 times per second.   This system drastically reduces electrode corrosion, ensuring reproducible readings.   Water level is sensed when the probe passes from a non conductive medium (air) to a conductive medium (water at more than 10 m.s.).   The probe is 0.75-inch in diameter by 8.0-inches in length (19 mm x 203 mm).

Water Level & Depth Measurements:    The probe will signal contact with water with a bright LED light and solid buzzer tone allowing accurate water level depth measurements to 1/100 foot or one millimeter.   The depth to water is read from the tape.   There is an automatic power saving shut-off after five minutes of inactivity.   The buzzer can be turned off during conductivity and temperature profiling.

Conductivity Measurements:   The Conductivity Plus meter is standardized against standard conductivity solutions at 25o C.   The meter measures the temperature and automatically converts readings to specific conductivity values.   The conductance temperature coefficient is 2.0%.   Calibration is easy, using readily available 1413us solution.   The auto off facility activates after five minutes of no conductivity profiling.

Temperature Measurements:   The Conductivity Plus will withstand and measure temperatures to +85o C (+185o F).   The temperature range is -20o (-4o F) to +85o C (+185o F).   The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen on the electronic module.   A response time of approximately 10 seconds allows for temperature stabilization.   The auto off facility activates after five minutes of no temperature profiling.

Warranty:  3 Years 


Conductivity Plus Water-Level and Temperature Meters
(Tape markings are in feet and fractions or metric units)

      Tape Length
(Either feet or meters)

Item Number

Shipping Wgt.
      100 ft or 30 m 6100FT or 6000M 11.0 lb/5.0 kg $1,030.00      
      150 ft or 45 m 6101FT or 6001M 13.0 lb/6.0 kg $1,090.00      

Conductivity Plus
water level and temperature meter

  200 ft or 60 m 6102FT or 6002M 14.0 lb/6.4 kg $1,150.00      
    300 ft or 100 m 6103FT or 6003M 16.0 lb/7.3 kg $1,300.00      
    400 ft or 120 m 6104FT or 6004M 18.0 lb/8.2 kg $1,450.00      
    500 ft or 150 m 6105FT or 6005M 20.0 lb/9.1 kg $1,600.00      
    600 ft or 200 m 6106FT or 6006M 22.0 lb/10.0 kg $1,800.00      
      750 ft or 230 m 6107FT or 6007M 25.0 lb/11.3 kg $2,020.00      
      1,000 ft or 300 m 6108FT or 6008M 31.0 lb/14.1 kg $2,400.00      

 *Prices are in U.S. Dollars
- Other lengths and materials may be available on request
- Carrying bag is included with instrument purchase.
- Carrying bag only - $55.00
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