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stegasaurus350x277.jpg and stegasaurus150x119.jpg - Stegasaurus (statue) along the "Timescape Trail" at the 
EcoTarium" (natural history museum), Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.   Photo by F. Bruehl, 7/4/03.

Diplodocus Carnegii(statue)dinosaur in front of the Carnegie Museum, 

      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

pghdino150x110.jpg and pghdino300x219.jpg - Diplodocus Carnegii (statue) in front of the Carnegie Museum, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   This species of dinosaur is estimated to have been 
present 150 million years ago.   Replicas of this species are present in nine museums around the world.   
The original reconstruction stands in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's renowned Dinosaur Hall.   
Photo by Flo Bruehl, October 2003.

WorcWindTurbine150x178.gif and WorcWindTurbine300x356.gif - Horizon view of the Wind Turbine on Vernon Hill,
 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.    This electric generating turbine was recently put into service on the campus of Holy Name
 Central Catholic Junior Senior High School to generate power for the school.   The turbine is capable of generating 600-kilowatts
 of "environment-friendly" electrical energy, enough power run the school.    Photo by Flo Bruehl, November 1, 2008.

Syncline along Highway I-86 east of Cumberland, MD, USA.

MDsyncline175x131.gif and MDsyncline350x263.jpg - Syncline exposed in bedrock cut along Highway I-86, east of Cumberland,
 Maryland, USA.   These rocks are folded sedimentary rocks of the Rockwell and Purslane formations of the Mississippian Period.    
Photo by Flo Bruehl, November 21, 2005.

Rooftop solar panel - Depicted is a solar panel on a residental roof in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.   
Solar panels make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy.   
Each panel is an array of photvoltaic cells.  Photo by Flo Bruehl, 7/5/09.







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