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Auctions are a great way to acquire all kinds of things. Unfortunately resources needed by geoscientists and engineers are usually too specialized to get into this arena. However, we still use many of these items in our lives. Auctions, however, are for those who prefer to bargain for items, rather than shopping the conventional way. Generally, in the auction process, it requires that you be disciplined and know the value of an item before getting involved. Some of the most popular internet auction sites are listed below.   
  • eBay! well sounder- eBay offers a wide variety of tools, features, and services that enable members to buy and sell on the site quickly, safely, and conveniently.  Buyers have the option to purchase items in an auction-style format or items can be purchased at a fixed price through a feature called Buy It Now.

  • - "Anti-auction" site that encourages bargaining.   Good for hunting for a specific item.   You can place a free ad to notify sellers.

  • Auction Fire - Free online auction community.  No listing fees, free image
    hosting, free featured auctions, and automatic re-list.

  • - Free online auction for antiques, collectibles, computers, and more.

  • - UK live auction site online.   Bid on items like laptop computers, video game and sport items with online internet auctions.  

  • New Zealand Online Auctions & Classifieds - shopping website with online auctions and
    classifieds.   Buy and sell online at



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