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Welcome to Geologic Resources!   We specialize in re-selling water level and oil/water interface meters, sonic water level meters, data loggers and flow meters, as well as some amazing scientific software.

If you have a small-diameter well, please visit our Small-Diameter Well Quandary page.    The measurement of groundwater temperature and/or conductivity is discussed on pages for the dipper-T Temperature meter and the Conductivity Plus instruments.    Groundwater data loggers produced by Heron can be found on our Dipper Log page.

Quick links to equipment and software that we furnish follow:

OilWater Interface Meters/Probes

Sonic Water Level Indicators                                                                              

Golden Software

  • Surfer
  • Grapher                                                                                                         groundwater conductivity
  • Strater                                                                                                            
  • Voxler

well sounder


Horizon view of the Wind Turbine on Vernon Hill, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.    This electric generating turbine was recently put into service on the campus of Holy Name Central Catholic Junior Senior High School to generate power for the school.   The turbine is capable of generating 600-kilowatts of "environment-friendly" electrical energy, enough power run the school.   

Photo by Flo Bruehl, November 1, 2008.





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